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Sep 02 2013


What do you think?

Hatter98 Sep 02 2013

I'm thinking that with the influence of school, I will probably only upload 3 pages per week.

But what if I were to release them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays? It'll help raise my fan base and it will be workable into my schedule. A win-win. :)
Aug 26 2013


Hope I don't get sued

Hatter98 Aug 26 2013

'I'm batman'

DC comics might sue me, I don't know. *shrugs*

Well, I only updated 3 pages this week, sorry. I went to a congregation and a baby shower so I didn't really have that much time to make pages. Hopefully next week will have a better forecast.

Also, be warned:
school's starting soon, this means that I will have to reschedule my 'comic free time'

It might be less than it already is-so expect normal updates of 2-4 pages per week instead of 5-6. :/ Sorry, guys. I won't give up, though-never.
Aug 19 2013



Hatter98 Aug 19 2013

Finally, after months of doing this- I made the final prologue comics. This finally means I can rest in peace knowing you are all caught up! And secondly, it means that I will be updating the actual story now!
Aug 18 2013


I'm back!

Hatter98 Aug 18 2013

Yes, I am back. And the trip was amazing.

I will be posting the final pages of the Prologue saga tomorrow Monday. I also uploaded some title pages. :) Thanks for wanting!
Aug 02 2013


2 week hiatus

Hatter98 Aug 02 2013

Yes, I will be taking a two week hiatus on my comic due to a vacation to Disneyworld! Sorry! Next update will hopefully be the 19th of August.
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