It gives a human-readable summery on the lower left of this page that I don't even understand. Sorry for the confusion about that.



What my copyright (The little 'c' encircled) means is that you are allowed to share my work (Basically, tweet it, text it, email it, etc.) and adapt my work (which means you can make a 'meme' out of my comic or take a page, type f-bombs all over it, then post it on twitter. Or AOL, whatever. If you're cool like that)


But there's a catch.


If you share or adapt my work, you must know that you can only do it in a way that I deem allowable. Basically, if you were to paste f-bombs on a page and then post it to instagram-and I were to gain knowledge of this happened; I would obviously tell you to take it down. And you would be legally forced to. As in, I can sue your ass until it's shitting traffic lights if you don't cease and desist. Now if you were to, after I told you to take it down, change the picture by pasting penises on it-I wouldn't be legally allowed to force you to take it down. Why? Because you adapting my work in a way that I deem allowable.


Wait! There's more!


You must never use my work for commercial purposes. This means that if you use my work in a way that you money gain and me no money: bad you, bad! Illegal, actually. And I can sue your ass. 


There are exceptions, though. 

If you want to do something that is against my laws, you can ask me for a waiver. This is where I give you permission with my ole John Hancock (you need my signature…or a drop of blood. Any will do)

If I, however, don't give you a waiver, you are legally allowed to go over my head, petition, and get an okay from a judge.

I have other rights as well. One of which is that you can't use my work in a way that makes me seem like a dick. So, for example, you can't write an essay on how I am a sexist, and use one of my comic pages-mainly one that contains a sexist joke-to prove further more that I am a sexist. You also can't use my comic in a way that would encourage me getting murdered. This doesn't account for using my comic in a way that promotes self-defense. (So if I am hunting you down, trying to kill you-you are allowed to use my webcomic to kill me in self-defense)


There are loopholes called 'Fair Use Rights.' Info can be found here.



If you use anything involving my webcomic to prove a point in an argument (I.e., on the World of Warcraft forum or the supreme court) you may need my permission. Once again, read the Fair Use rights.


If I change my license, everything I told you would immediately become bullshit. So keep an eye out. 


Creative Commons License